The preparation stage involves the design and creation of the drawings, followed by the choice of materials.

This phase takes place often in collaboration with architects and designers and if the client wants to be involved, he becomes part of the team as well.


At this stage we use the oil cutter to split into groups and for the long straight cuts.

The jig saw is the tool that is used by the master of inlays for all the details, even of small size, which will form the decorations: from classic plant motives to modern and complex nature subjects. 



The various elements prepared in the cut stage pass one at a time into the hot sand, in order to create the effects of burning called "shades", necessary to give depth and create shadows.


This is the final stage of the work: the various elements are prepared and nuanced to be joined together to compose the final design.

The panel when composed will finally be pressed in order to stick perfectly every single element to a special adhesive paper. This paper will be scratch out by the carpenter after the application of the inlaid panel on the piece of furniture.